Minutes of the Unit 194 Executive Board

Meeting in Bridgewater, May 26th, 2012


Present: Karl Hicks, John Tolson, Bill Halliday, Doug Hamilton, Bigin Batman, Lydia Prange,  Kerry Hicks, LindaTuff, Ron Levy, Carol Weir,  Guest: Gerry Callaghan


Call to Order 11:00


Regrets: Martin Pink, Marilyn Bennett. Joanne Lynds


Minutes from the Executive meeting of Unit 194 in Halifax on November 12, 2011 and the financial report as of May 24 2012 were circulated.


Motion: Bill Halliday moved that the minutes of November 12 2011, Unit 194 Executive Meeting as circulated be approved.  Seconded by John Tolson.   Motion Carried.



Business rising from the Minutes:


1)    Status of new computer – The computer has not been purchased.

2)    Playing cards – there are still some complaints. The cards will be changed.

3)    Tournament clock is now being used.

4)    Tournament time for the Bridgewater tournament was not changed. Discussion was held regarding change of start times and making Saturday two one-session events.

Motion: John Tolson moved effective with the November tournament and subsequent tournaments Friday start time will be 1:30 and 7:30. Seconded by Ron Levy.

Amendment: In addition, to the above noted change Saturday tournament will be held 10am and 3pm. It will be 2 one-session events. This will be held as a trial. Moved by Bill Halliday. Seconded Lydia Prange.  Approved (with one dissenting vote).

5)    Bridge mates have been received but not yet configured.

6)    Summerside Spilt Regional was billed for the use of the bridgemates (.75 each) and the tournament clock ($20).

7)    In order to facilitate communication with clubs, Bill Halliday will supply the Secretary with email addresses of club contacts.


New Business:


1)    Nominating committee – will be composed of Doug Hamilton, Dan Landry and Gerry Callaghan.

2012-2013         President: Dan Landry

Ist Vice: Bigin Batman

2nd Vice: ?

Area Reps: John Tolson, Lydia Prange, Bill Halliday and Linda Tuff are willing to serve.


2)    CAN-At 2012 – Gerry Callaghan presented a report on the CanAt.

a.    Prizes – will have a Nova Scotia theme

b.    Budget for the tournament was presented and circulated to the members. It was based on 900 tables and $15 per player. Total revenues (less free plays and discounts) were estimated at $52,701. Expenses were estimated at $51,856 (revised from budget presented as sanction fees of $450 will be nil in 2012). Other income was estimated at $2,900. The net profit for the tournament was estimated at $3,745 (original of 3,295 plus 450). The sanction fees for the next CAN-AT will be $2 per table ($2000) to subsidize the Nationals that will be held in Toronto in 2020.


3)    Complaints from Members re: Summerside Split Regional

There were a number of complaints received re: this event and the fact the Swiss team game was stratified and not strati-flighted which created unfair placement for some players. Discussion was held regarding this matter.


4)   CAN-AT - Discussion was held on the schedule for this event.


5)    Teacher’s reception – will be held at the CAN-AT.


6)    New Life Masters – A reception in stead of a dinner for new life masters  will be held at the November tournament.


7)    Audited Financial Statements – These financials should be presented at the Annual Meeting. Discussion was held on the possibility of changing the year end to accomplish this.


8)    Financials for the Period Ended May 24, 2012 – were presented by Bill Halliday. The net loss for the period ended was $2223 which was attributed to purchase of the bridgemates ($3,715). The tournament in Truro produced a loss which was attributed to the timing of the event in relation to the Summerside tournament and CAN-AT.


9)    Next Meeting – Valley Tournament in September 29th at 11am


Meeting adjourned



                                                                        Respectively Submitted,


                                                                        Carol Weir

                                                                        Unit 194, Secretary