Minutes of the Unit 194 Executive Board

Meeting in Halifax, September 29th, 2012


Present:   Karl Hicks, John Tolson, Bill Halliday, Bill Batman, Lydia Prange, Kerry Hicks, Linda Tuff, Carol Weir, Terry Shaw, Martin Pink, Dan Landry, Joanne Lynds


Call to Order 11:00. Meeting was chaired by Dan Landry, 1st Vice President


Regrets: Marilyn Bennett, Doug Hamilton


Minutes from the Executive meeting of Unit 194 in Bridgewater on May 26, 2012 and the financial report as of September 25 2012 were circulated electronically.


Motion: Bill Batman moved that the minutes of May 26, 2012 Unit 194 Executive Meeting as circulated be approved. Seconded by Terry Shaw. Motion Carried.


Business rising from the Minutes:


1)    Discussion re: times for the November Halifax tournament. The Saturday times will be 10am & 3pm. It will be 2 one session events. This change will be evaluated based on table count and feedback from participants. The Friday start time of 1:30 and 7:30 is the new time moving forward.

2)    Status of new computer – The computer has not been purchased. Karl hopes to have the new system in place prior to the February tournament. The problem has been the difficulty in procuring a printer that fulfills the Unit’s needs.

3)    The report of the nominating committee was presented and is attached to the minutes. The committee has presented a full slate for election at the November annual meeting.

4)    CAN-AT update – no financial report was presented. Bill Halliday reported that the tournament had a profit of approximately $1,000 and the Metro Centre has been booked for 2014.


New Business:


1)    Interim Financial Statements – Bill Halliday presented and reviewed the financial statements for the period ended September 25, 2012. Karl indicated that advertising revenue from the bridge line should be allocated between Unit 194 (60%) and Unit 230 (40%). Bill Halliday indicated that he would determine the portion that should be allocated to Unit 230 and make the adjustment to the financial records. Discussion followed on whether the Unit would still support clubs buying Bridge Mates. Bill indicated that there was no direct financial support but the Unit would provide a repayable loan to acquire Bridge Mates. Bill Halliday moved the adoption of the September financial report as presented. Seconded by Terry Shaw. Motion carried.

2)    Nova Institute – As per the By-law 8.7, the officers can approve an annual expenditure of $500 on Unit business. The officers approved $500 to support a volunteer initiative by Linda Tuff at the Nova Institute in Truro. Linda has been working on the project and has gotten volunteers to help. The project will start after Thanksgiving. The funding will help defer some of the costs. Bilgin Batman was concerned about the “flood gates opening”. He indicated that there should be some operating procedures so that the Unit Executive would have a report regarding any project approved. Linda Tuff agreed to provide a report to the Unit.

3)    Change of Year-End Date – The change in the year end date from October 31st to September 30th has been advertised in the bridge bulletin and will be presented for approval at the Annual Meeting in November. This change will enable the treasurer and auditor sufficient time to prepare and audit the annual financial statements.

4)    Teleconference Executive Meetings – Discussion was held regarding various options for executive meetings. The possibility of Executive meetings held at times other than sectional tournaments were discussed. The positives would be that more members of the executive would be able to participate. Dan Landry indicated that the cost from Bell was $0.35 /minute/attendee. Bill Halliday had also investigated other options: Priority Conference $0.15 minute/attendee, Budget Conferencing for $0.49/minute/attendee and Gaboogie for $0.05/minute/attendee. It was discussed that the best route would be to use technology options available to have attendees participate by phone and continue having the meetings at the Sectional tournaments. Dan will follow up with Newfoundland representatives.

5)    Fund Raising at Tournaments – The 50/50 draw at the November tournament will support an orphanage in Guatemala. Discussion followed on whether there should be a policy on 50/50 draws held at tournaments. Dan indicated that the proceeds of 50/50 should be at the discretion of the tournament chair.

6)    Communication with Members - Discussion was held on ways to communicate with members of Unit 194. It was decided that the Executive will promote Unit 194 website as the best way to communicate with members. Bill Halliday (Webmaster) ensured that the site will be updated.

7)    Next Meeting – Halifax Tournament - November 10th at 8:30 am. Followed by the annual meeting at 9am.


            Meeting adjourned.


                                                                        Respectively Submitted,


                                                                        Carol Weir

                                                                        Unit 194, Secretary