Minutes of the Unit 194 Board Meeting

Halifax Sectional

Nov. 7, 2015


Present:  Bilgin Batman, Linda Tuff, Bill Halliday, Lydia Prange, Liz Legacy, Mike Tanner, Mark Spear, Dan Landry, Brian DeLong, Boyd Wells, Gerardo Malazdrewicz, Gerry Callahan

Regrets:  Jo Ann Lynds, Marjorie Wandler, Yves Chartrand, Bill Knoll, Maureen Donovan, Marilyn Bennett

Call to Order 1:30

Minutes from the Executive meeting of Unit 194 in New Minas on September 26, 2015 were approved as read.

Business Arising:


1.         Discussion of items in Mike Tanner’s previous email:

·         the electronic results for tournaments is now in progress

·         Conference calls for unit meetings are not necessary


2.         Training for potential directors.

·         Trisha Malazdrewicz, Yves Chartrand mentioned as possibly interested

·         Karl informed us that ACBL pays for #1 director. Unit is willing to subsidize training for new director(s). Karl is OK with job-shadowing idea for upcoming tournaments.


3.         Fast results for sectionals. Electronic results (using ACBL Live) in progress.


4.         Cost savings for tournaments. This was Yves’s item and we will defer until a meeting he can attend.


5.         Restricted tournament application.

·         Idea is for a 0-750 NLM tournament which will replace the Halifax Winter Sectional every second year.

·         Targeting Spring 2017, likely 1st/2nd week of March.

·         Linda offered to chair, Dan will assist.

·         Bill needs to get sanction from ACBL, and needs: chairperson and location


Committee Reports:

1.       Treasurer’s and Auditor’s report. Bill circulated the financial reports. Some discussion sectional profits/losses, and many thought it was OK as long as unit breaks even overall on sectionals. It was moved by Boyd and seconded by Mark that the financial report be accepted as circulated. Motion carried.

New Business:

1.    Halifax Winter Sectional. Discussion of whether we can resurrect the Halifax Sectional (cancelled at the Sept meeting). Gerry thought he could make it work at the Lord Nelson if the date was moved later into March. Gerry and Linda to investigate.


2.    Projector. Discussion of using a projector at tournaments to display results. Comment that Yves had one. Comments that PEI tournament had one that didn’t work well. Mike T to investigate.


3.    Cape Breton tournament. Discussion around Sydney’s interest in hosting a sectional in 2017. Liz and Bill to investigate.


4.    Sectional fees. Karl made the case for increasing session fees, and the pros/cons were discussed. Most felt increases were not needed at this time because the unit was not losing money on Sectionals with the current fees. Agreed to keep the session fees unchanged at $10.


5.    2016 NAOP finals. The “A” and “C” finals are in Halifax this year and will be held at HBW, or possibly split.


6.    Joe Currie Championship. If the Winter Sectional is cancelled then the Joe Currie trophy should still be awarded. Linda suggested Club Championships, or renaming the 0-750 tournament in 2017.

Boyd Wells moved for adjournment.

Respectfully submitted,

Jo Ann Lynds

Unit 194 Secretary