Minutes of the Unit 194 Board Meeting

Truro Sectional

Apr. 23, 2016


Present:  Karl Hicks, Bill Halliday, Bilgin Batman, Linda Tuff, Maureen Donovan, Gerardo Malazdrewicz, Boyd Wells, Mark Spear, Jo Ann Lynds


Regrets:  Marilyn Bennett, Lydia Prange, Marjorie Wandler


Call to Order 1:40.


Proposed agenda was approved without any additions.


Minutes from the Executive meeting of Unit 194 in Halifax on November 7, 2015 were approved as read.


Business Arising:

1.       A discussion was held about the Annual General Meeting item regarding playing fee increases. Clarification on why the increase is needed. It was decided to bring the Rules of Order for Annual General Meeting to the next meeting.


2.       Restricted Regional. The restricted regional was an option to replace the Joe Curry Sectional and since the sectional is in place for next year, there is no need to investigate further the possibility of a restricted regional in February. It was moved by Linda and seconded by Boyd to put the regional on the back burner. Motion Carried.


3.       Joe Curry Sectional is on for 2017 It will be held at the Lord Nelson in March. Further information will be distributed as it becomes available.


4.       At the next Annual Meeting in November, the board will recommend a playing fee increase to $12.50. Maureen moved and Mark seconded a motion to raise the fees to $12.50 effective January 2017. Motion Carried.


5.       Maureen moved the fees would be reviewed on an annual basis. Seconded by Boyd. Motion Carried.


Committee Reports:

1. Bill presented the current Treasurer’s report. It was moved by Bill and seconded by Boyd. Motion Carried.


New Business:

1.       Director Assistant Subsidy. A discussion was held regarding the need subsidize directors in training at our tournaments to help offset the expenses of the assistant. It was discussed that 2 hotel nights and per diems ($200) would be very helpful. It was moved by Maureen and seconded by Boyd to provide $750 per tournament for the above expenses.

Motion: Carried. A thank you will be sent to Victor with a cheque for $100.


2.       Cape Breton Sectional - August 2018. The Cape Breton bridge club has requested to be able to hold a sectional tournament in 2018. It was agreed to add the tournament to the August 2018 schedule.

3.       NAP - District 1 President, Doug Hamilton sent an email as he could not attend the meeting. It states:

a.         For 2016, the Eastern “C” finals will be hosted by the Bridge Studio, the Eastern “A” final will be hosted by Halifax Bridge World, and the Eastern “B” final will be hosted by the Moncton Bridge Club.

b.         By the end of 2016, a process will be documented by the DISTRICT outlining future handling of hosting requests for this event in Units 194 and 230.

b.         This process will be tabled at the District 1 Annual Meeting in August, with the District having the ultimate authority over these events; We trust this will resolve the matter for 2016 and hopefully establish a process for future years. Please respond via return email with your concurrence and/or any specific issues you have.



Douglas Hamilton President - District 1


Maureen questioned how the other units in the district made the decision about the special games including NAP/GNT/CNTC etc. and how the playing sites were chosen. Maureen moved and Linda seconded that we obtain the District plan and report at the next meeting.

Motion Carried.


4.       Can-At Update - Maureen


Maureen announced that pros such as Jerry Helms and Allan Graves and others would be attending the Can-At this year.


Players are welcome to make submissions to the daily bulletin.


The Gala Prize Banquet will be held on Friday, Canada Day with cocktails at 6:30 and prize giving and dinner and dance beginning at 7:00. The Unit 194 Executive are invited to show their support by attending.


Partnerships is being handled by Rob Williams.


Flyers and parking information will be emailed to clubs. The local clubs will collect the funds and order the parking passes for their players and then distribute them.


Advertising is on BBO - check it out!


Bill Halliday moved for adjournment.

Respectfully submitted,

Jo Ann Lynds

Unit 194 President