Minutes of the Unit 194 Annual General Meeting

Halifax Sectional

Nov. 12, 2016



Board Members:†††††† Bill Halliday, Bill Batman, Lydia Prange, Linda Tuff, Mike Tanner, Mark Spear, Maureen Donovan, Boyd Wells, Jo Ann Lynds, Brian Delong, Marjorie Wandler.


Unit 194 members:Margaret Anne Dodson, Brenda Kirby, Jim Kirby, Scott Rappard, Frances DeLong, Brian Hansen, Glenda Mills, Dan Landry, Alan Thompson, Audry MacGillivary, Gerry Callaghan, Graham Waters, Marcia Shaw, Carol Hamilton, Terry Shaw, Kathie Macnab, Art Donovan, Doug Hamilton, Sandra MacPherson, Pat Payne, Jean MacKenzie and several others arrived after call to order.


Regrets:Marilyn Bennett


Call to Order 2:00 pm

Minutes from the Annual General Meeting of Unit 194 on November 7, 2015 were approved as circulated.

The auditorís report was circulated. Bill Halliday answered questions regarding the losses. He explained that all four tournaments suffered losses this year. He pointed out that the USD exchange on fees has increased as well which affects the tournaments.

Motion:†††† Boyd Wells moved and Jim Kirby seconded that the unaudited statement be accepted. Motion Carried.

Slate of officers was presented and accepted as read as there were no nominations from the floor.

New Business:

1.       Sectional Playing Fees: Unit 194 Executive recommends the Sectional playing fees be increased from $10.00 per session to $12.50. A lengthy discussion was held regarding the 25% increase. It was stated that in future, the Unit review sectional playing fees on an annual basis. As has been the case in the past, the non-ACBL member playing fees would increase by the same amount.


Motion:†††† It was moved by Jim Kirby and seconded by Mark Spear that the Sectional playing fees for members be increased to $12.50 per session. A count of hands showed 26-5. Motion Carried. Clarification: as above, the non-ACBL member playing fees would increase by $2.50 as well. The executive will explore electronic payment of sectional fees as a convenience to players and directors.


2.       Dan Landry pointed out the movement for Saturdayís AX pairs was for 21 boards in one section and 24 boards in another. He would like a review of the set up for the game. Newly elected President, Lydia, will speak to the directors.


3.       President Lydia thanked the departing members of the executive for their service: Yves Chartrand resigned as area representative of Yarmouth/Shelburne/Digby. Mark Spear stepped down as area representative of Cape Breton and Jo Ann Lynds retired from the board after serving as Secretary of Unit 194 for the past 4 years.

Lydia also thanked Bilgin for his service as president for the past two years and he will continue on the executive as Past President for the next two years.


Francis Delong moved for adjournment.


Respectfully submitted,

Jo Ann Lynds

Unit 194 Secretary