Minutes of the Unit 194 Board Meeting

Halifax Sectional

Nov. 12, 2016


Present:Bill Halliday, Bilgin Batman, Linda Tuff, Boyd Wells, Mark Spear, Kathie Macnab, Elizabeth Legacy, Bill Knoll, Lydia Prange, Marjorie Wandler, Jo Ann Lynds, Maureen Donovan.


Regrets:Marilyn Bennett, Mike Tanner


Call to Order 8:45 am


Minutes from the Executive meeting of Unit 194 held in New Minas on September 24, 2016 were approved as circulated.


Business Arising:

1.       By-Law Change. Lydia stated that she was withdrawing the by-law change as several by-laws are outdated and confusing and an overhaul of all the by-laws should be made. This will be done after reviewing them in the new year.


2.       Sectional Fees increase. At the AGM, a 25% fee increase of $2.50 per session for Sectional games will be brought before the members. It was noted that the increase is 2% per year since the last sectional fee increase in 2008 and at that time the increase was also 25%. The increase is necessary to cover the cost (losses) of our sectional tournaments. It was decided to review the sectional fees in November every year.


3.       HST considerations were discussed as our unit is reaching the $50k threshold. The Unit STaC revenues would bring the Unit revenues over the threshold. Discussion was held to separate certain Sectional tournaments in an effort to solve the issue. It was decided to confer with Gerry Callaghan on how to handle the situation.


4.       Unit STaC 2017.

Motion:It was moved by Bill and seconded by Bill Knoll that our Unit hold a Unit 194 STaC and include Unit 230 only. Motion Carried.

Linda will explore the possibility of an invitation to other STaCs outside the district and report her findings.

Committee Reports:

1.       Bill presented the current Treasurerís report and a short discussion ensued. It was moved by Bill and seconded by Boyd to accept the report. Motion Carried.

New Business:

1.       ACBL Fee Increase - A discussion was held regarding the latest information that the ACBL was increasing fees for Unit games from $1.25USD per table to $2.25USD per table. The fee increase will affect clubs who hold unit games and at the present time only the Valley club will be affected as they hold one special anniversary game.


2.       Process for election of Executive positions. In the future, an email to the clubs regarding an opening on the board will be made and clubs can choose their area representative.


3.       Nomination Committee: A nomination committee of Incoming President Lydia, Past President Bilgin and member at large Mike have a full slate of officers and board members and will present the slate to the membership at the AGM for ratification.

Lydia thanked Yves Chartrand, Mark Spear and Jo Ann Lynds for their service to the unit as they are leaving the Executive board after AGM this afternoon.

As well, Lydia thanked Bilgin Batman for his service as President of the Unit for the past two years. He will remain on the executive board as Past President for the next two years


Boyd Wells moved for adjournment.


Respectfully submitted,

Jo Ann Lynds

Unit 194 Secretary