CBF – Report – Kathie Macnab

Sept. 23, 2017


Canadian Bridge Federation: The first good news is we finally got a NEW web master – so we are hoping that we can have a more accessible site.


The Canadian Championships for 2018 will be held in Montreal at the McGill University New Residence Hall. May 26th – June 3rd . Canadian Open Pairs club qualification rounds have begun and will run until December 31, 2017. This cost is $4.00 (Canadian) per table as opposed to the $5.00 UDS for the NAP. The masterpoint awards 81.8% Sectional-rate (triple) and are all red points. Canadian Team Club qualification rounds run from September 1, 2017 – January 15, 2018. There are three flights – 0-1000; 0-2500; and OPEN. These are also 81.8% sectional-rated red points. This Canadian Event is really an all Canadian event and run very well, lots of hospitality and a chance to the best Canada has to offer at play. There are cash prizes for the Open Pairs, CNT-B and CNT-C. As well as the Canadian IMP Pairs. There is also a Canadian Seniors event (60+) no club qualification required.


Canadian Bridge Federation – Charity Foundation

As in previous year as a member of the CBF-CF I have some discretionary funds to distribute in Zone 1. This year the members have been allotted $2200.00. The focus for the funds is for seniors and in particular to be bridge related. What the CBF asks in return for the donation is to have some recognition – preferably a photo in a local newspaper or with the organizations own publication. If you know of anyone in your area that would like a donation, they simply email me with the request. This is a charity donation, and the organization must have a charity number.


North American Pairs

Club qualifications were held during June, July and August of 2017. The District 1 finals will once again be held as a ‘split’ event. District 1 is the only district that still holds a split final, and as long as we do not rock the boat, this should continue. Our agreement with the Western portion of District 1 is that this year of the ACBL Final in Philadelphia PA the first-place prize of $700.00 will be awarded to the first-place finishers in the Eastern portion of our District (Units 194 & 230). The prize of $300.00 will awarded to the first-place winner in the Western portion (Units 151, 152, 192, 199). Each district can send THREE pairs to the Flight A (Open) national final – and the third place will go to units 194 & 230. In the Flight B and C FOUR pairs may represent their District, therefore two pairs from the west and two from the east will have the privilege to represent District 1. Our District 1 Grass Roots fund will give a $200.00 subsidy to each player of the winning pair that does not receive any ACBL subsidy. Please bear in mind that in units 194 & 230 we go out of our way to trim expenses from our District finals so any left-over proceeds go to the winning pairs. The amount that has been agreed upon is 60% to the second-place finisher and 40% to the first-place finishers.

The District finals (Eastern portion) will be held as follows:

·         Flight A – Moncton NB Saturday October 28th,

·         Flight C – Moncton NB Sunday October 29th.

·         Flight B – Halifax Saturday November 4th .



Grand National Teams

The club qualification period for the Grand National Teams commences in September 2017 and can run through to January 2018.

There are four flights:

·         OPEN – Unlimited

·         A = 0 - 6000

·         B = 0 - 2500

·         C = 0 – 500, non-life masters.


The District finals for 2018 will be held in May (date to be determined). The ACBL finals will be held in July 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. Flights A & C will be held in Montreal and the OPEN flight and flight B will be held in Halifax.


This year was a record year for District 1. Both the Western portion and the Eastern portion held stand alone finals with Open & B in Montreal and flights A & C in Halifax. A record total of 40 teams played in the finals. We had representation for all four flights at the summer NABC in Toronto, Ont.


Open Flight and flight B from Montreal PQ

·         Flight A, from Halifax finals:

Karl Hicks,  Denis Murphy,  Gerardo Malazdrewicz, Trisha Malazdrewicz,

Jim Mathers, Bilgin Batman

·         Flight C from Halifax finals:

Bob Braedley, Gordon Young, Margaret Anne Dodson, Irene Szabla


All FOUR District 1 teams made it through to the round of 16 – quite a feat. Congratulations.


Respectfully submitted,

Kathie Macnab

CBF Zone director,

GNT Coordinator,

CBF Eastern liaison