Minutes of the Unit 194 Board Meeting

Valley Sectional

Sept. 23, 2017


Present: Lydia Prange, Linda Tuff, Bill Halliday, Liz Legacy, Mike Tanner, Brian DeLong, Jim Kirby, Sandra MacPherson, Paulette Mitchell, Marjorie Wandler, Kathie Macnab, Bilgin Batman, Gerry Callaghan, Art Donahoe


Regrets: Marilyn Bennett, Joan Gillam, Brenda Gouthro, Boyd Wells, Bill Knoll, Maureen Donovan


Call to Order 1:40.


Proposed agenda was approved without any additions.


Minutes from the Truro Executive meeting April 2017 were approved without changes.

Action: Bill to post minutes to web site.



1.       Lydia presented “Presidents’ Update” (see details attached):

·         Update on scheduling conflicts between Unit 194 & 230 Sectionals. Lydia read comments from Richard Kenny (Unit 230 president). Discussion specific to this year’s Summerside (with Bridgewater) and Moncton (with Valley) tournament conflicts.


·         District 1 update. o Rob Williams attended August meeting representing our Unit. o District 1 President and Treasurer both resigned. Leo appointed for 1-year as President and Rob as Treasurer.


2.       Bill H. presented Treasurer’s report (attached):

·         Reviewed financial statements as of 20-Sept. GIC up for renewal tomorrow, Bill will renew. T-shirt inventory isn’t accurate and needs recount. Current loss is -$6786, however the expenditures for new cards ($3655) and boards ($2606) were extraordinary and a long-term investment. There is still $1200 more to come for these upgrades. The $1992 for director training was also unusual. Bill commented that we likely would have had $4-5000 additional loss if we hadn’t raised table fees.

·         Action: Bill to renew GIC.

·         Action: Linda/Mike to inventory T-shirts and report to Bill.

·         Motion: accept Treasurer’s report = Bill, Sandra seconded. All approved.


·         Discussion re how Director staffing is decided as this is a cost for tournaments. Kathie thought there was some guideline like one Director per 20 tables.

o   Action: Linda/Lydia to ask Karl how Director staffing is decided.


·         Discussion of how we account for outstanding free plays as a liability on financial statements (currently $1850). Most felt that once free plays age they are unlikely to be used (likely lost) and should no longer be treated as a liability.

o   Motion: All existing outstanding free plays will expire at the end of 2018 and this will be announced in the Bridgeline = Linda, Jim seconded. All approved.

o   Motion: Going forward free plays will expire 2 years from the date of issue and this will be noted on the free plays = Linda, Marjorie seconded. All approved.

o   Action: Lydia/Mike: notify Karl to publish in the Bridgeline.


3.       Kathie presented CBF report. Full report attached. Note the $2200 in charity funds available and board members encouraged to make use of this if an appropriate opportunity comes up.


Agenda Items:


1.       Compensation schedule. Bill explained the recent updates to the schedule.

·         Motion: Add new provision that anyone aged 25 or younger is charged half-price for Unit 194 Sectionals = Bill, Sandra seconded. All approved.


2.       Constitution and By-Laws revisions. Sandra briefly reviewed the process. All board members have already had proposed revisions for review. These documents will require approval by the membership at the AGM.

·         Motion: Unit 194 board recommends the Unit adopt the new Constitution and ByLaws and will send to the full membership in advance of the Nov AGM = Mike, Jim seconded. All approved.

·         Action: Bill to send email to full Unit membership.


3.       Board policies. Sandra briefly reviewed the process. All board members have already had proposed new policies. These documents don’t require AGM approval. The new board policies being adopted are:

   Conflict of Interest Policy

  Communications Policy

  Record of Tournaments Policy

   Confidentiality Policy

   Motion: Unit 194 board will adopt the new board policies as written = Sandra, Linda seconded. All approved.


4.       Guidelines for meetings. Art briefly reviewed the process. All board members have already had proposed new guidelines. These guidelines require AGM approval since it governs the conduct of AGM meetings.

       Motion: Unit 194 board will adopt the new “Guidelines for the Conduct of Annual and General Meetings” as written and recommend the Unit also adopt them for AGM meetings = Sandra, Jim seconded. All approved.

       Action: Bill to send email to full Unit membership.


5.       Table and supplies duties. Ron Duplisea wants to retire from his current duties at the end of 2017. He recommends Mark Pentland (a NB player) to take over these responsibilities and Mark is interested and willing. Kathie recommended that we write up an agreement with Mark, and some discussion of whether old agreements exist.

·         Motion: Unit will process with having Mark replace Ron = Lydia, Bill seconded. All approved.

·         Action: Lydia to investigate history of Ron’s agreement, draft new one.


6.       Can-At update. Gerry and Linda reviewed the draft budget and plan. Can-At will be at Lord Nelson again (renovated) – other venues like new trade centre were considered but too costly. Table fees will be $16. Bulletins will be electronic to reduce costs.


7.       Nominating committee. One is needed in case any board positions need to be filled at Nov AGM. Lydia put together committee of: Bill, Lydia, Sandra, Marjorie.


8.       Bill provided update on upcoming tournaments.


Meeting adjourned 2:45pm.


Next meeting: Saturday Nov 18th, 2017 8:30am at Halifax Sectional (AGM will be between sessions)