Minutes of the Unit 194 Annual General Meeting

Halifax Sectional

Nov. 18, 2017


Present:     Lydia Prange, Del Knox,  Leo Weniger , Maureen Donovan, Sandra MacPherson, Bilgin Batman, Jim Kirby, Richard Nickerson, Brian DeLong, John Dow, Gerry Callaghan, Boyd Wells, Fran Delong, Marjorie Wandler, Linda Tuff, Mike Tanner, Kathie Macnab, Doug Hamilton, Carol Hamilton, Gary Brown, Brenda Kirby, Bill Halliday and Elaine McKeigan


Call to Order.


Proposed agenda was approved – Fran & Marjorie


Minutes from the 2016 AGM meeting Nov. 2016 were approved without changes – Fran & Jim K.




1.       Bill H ( treasurer ) presented the Financial report:

·         Reviewed year end statements audited by Gerry Callaghan

·         $ 1500.00 in T-shirt inventory

·         Total 31,500 assets, down about 4,000 from 2016

o   Due to tournament costs & supplies upgrades

·         Total liabilities - $ 9,000

·         Revenue = down from last year

o   Membership revenues down, possibly due to exchange rate

Approved: Bilgin & Maureen


Agenda Items:


1.       Approve the new Unit 194 bylaws as circulated prior to meeting

     Sandra explained the notification issue, insufficient notice was provided to the membership.

    Tabled until a Special General Meeting in May 2018 (Bridgewater)


2.       Ratify the new “Guidelines for the conduct of the Annual General Meetings” as circulated prior to the meeting

     Sandra explained the new guidelines

    Doug – asked for clarification on # 5 (how agenda is set)

    Motion – Jim K, Boyd; motion carried

o   John Dow opposed.


3.       Nominating Committee Report

     Lydia reported that the committee proposes continuing with the same board for a second year.  All approved.


4.       Appointment of Auditor

     Bill moved for Gerry to continue as auditor for another year.  Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned 2:50pm.


Next meeting: Saturday Nov. 17th, 2018 at Halifax Sectional (between sessions)