Minutes of the Unit 194 Board Meeting

Halifax Sectional

Nov. 18, 2017


Present:     Lydia Prange, Linda Tuff, Bill Halliday, Mike Tanner, Brian DeLong, Jim Kirby, Sandra MacPherson, Marjorie Wandler, Bilgin Batman, Boyd Wells, Leo Weniger


Regrets:     Marilyn Bennett, Joan Gillam, Brenda Gouthro, Bill Knoll, Maureen Donovan, Liz Legacy, Paulette Mitchell


Call to Order 8:30.


Proposed agenda was approved with the addition of an update from Leo Weniger.


Minutes from the New Minas Executive meeting Sept 2017 were approved without changes.

·         Action: Bill to post minutes to web site.




1.       Lydia presented “Presidents’ Update” (see full report included below minutes):

·         Update on Ron Duplisea retiring from table duties and new arrangement with Mark Pentland.

o   Sandra & Bill working on new contract for Mark.

o   Work in progress on thanks for Ron and free plays.

·         New board in place for Unit 230.

·         Discussion/update on the May scheduling conflicts for Bridgewater & Summerside.

·        Discussion on the timing of split regional (Kingston/Summerside) in May 2020.


2.       Bill H. presented Treasurer’s report (attached):

·         Reviewed financial statements as of Nov. Year-end was Sept 30th so no tournament revenue yet in current fiscal year.

·        Leo added explanation that ACBL has changed how they are dealing with Canadian currency. They will now convert to/from Cdn $$ at a pegged rate of $1.24.

o   Motion: accept Treasurer’s report = Boyd, Bilgin seconded. All approved.


3.       CBF report was skipped.


4.       Lydia presented the Nominating Committee report. All board members are staying for 2018.


Agenda Items:


1.       Leo provided an update from the District board meeting.

     Leo accepted role of the District president after Jean L. declined to reoffer.

    Unit 194 is one of the few units where table counts are stable and not declining.

     ACBL new CEO Bahar Gidwani started in July.

     District 1 approved for one-time 5th regional in 2018, in Kingston Jun 19-24 (two weeks before Can-At).


2.       Discussion about the prep for the AGM and proposed vote on the new bylaws. Sandra stated that there was a glitch that the notice to members went out under the old rules. So if anyone objects then we should postpone the vote to an AGM in May. Bill said the email notice went to 580 of the 900 members, but there were people with valid email addresses who didn’t receive it.

       Motion: We will hold an AGM in May if the bylaws aren’t approved today. Linda moved, Jim seconded. All approved.


3.       Brief update on the Can-At preparations from Gerry & Linda.


4.       Explanation from Linda on the director allocation process for Sectionals. She spoke to Karl. The DIC decides how many directors are needed. There is no strict guideline but Karl’s guideline is 135-210 tables requires two directors, and over 210 tables needs three. He looks at recent attendance especially the prior year. Leo & Sandra added that guidelines may be work-in - progress at ACBL.


5.       Discussion on coordinator for Halifax Fall Sectionals. Kathie has provided notice that she’ll no longer be doing this after many years of running this tournament (thanks Kathie!). Liz suggested Carol H. would be excellent. No sanction or facility has yet been arranged for Nov 2018.


Action: Bill to arrange sanction.

Action: Bill/Linda to arrange facility.


6.       Discussion of insurance for Mark Pentland, the new table coordinator. Sandra commented that Mark should provide proof of insurance.


Meeting adjourned 9:30am.


Next meeting: Saturday Apr 28th, 2018 at Truro Sectional (between sessions