Minutes of the Unit 194 Board Meeting

Truro Sectional

Apr. 28, 2018


Present: Lydia Prange, Linda Tuff, Bill Halliday, Mike Tanner, Brian DeLong, Jim Kirby, Marjorie Wandler, Boyd Wells, Bill Knoll, Maureen Donovan, Liz Legacy, Kathie Macnab

Regrets: Marilyn Bennett, Joan Gillam, Brenda Gouthro, Paulette Mitchell, Sandra MacPherson,

Call to Order 1:30.

Proposed agenda was approved

Minutes from the Halifax Executive meeting Nov 2017 were approved without changes (Boyd, Marjorie)

    Action: Bill to post minutes to web site.


1.       Lydia presented “Presidents’ Update”:

       November sectional chair – we still need one and time is short

o     Liz suggested: Helen & Kate, or Stuart Eastwood

o     Compensation? Current – free plays. Willing to extend this to two people this one time only.

o     Discussion of how much time we have. Urgent. If nobody found before May meeting (Bridgewater) we will have to make decision.

       Discussion on new ACBL policy re temp memberships. Mike read policy and will provide text (below).

o     For more details see FAQ: http://www.acbl.org/temporary-membership-faq/

o     Extract: “Beginning March 1, 2018, all tournament players must have an ACBL member number to participate (even if their membership has expired). The temporary membership allows non-members to try the excitement of playing in a sanctioned tournament without committing to a full-year membership. Lapsed members do not have to rejoin. They can continue to pay the $4 surcharge as usual (this has not changed).”

    Lydia’s proxy for district 1 meeting, she plans to give to Sandra.

    Sectional schedule conflicts w Unit 230. Summerside is one week before Bridgewater this year. Last time – sanction will not be given next year if they are 1-week apart.

o       Summerside already booked for 2019, two weeks prior to Bridgewater.

o       Action: Bill to confirm sanction dates for 2019.


       District Director election coming end of 2018. Currently Leo has this role, Allan Graves is also running. Lydia proposes that we get written bios/plans from both candidates. This is the first time we’ve had an election in anyone’s memory. Process will be:

o       After 31-May info will be sent to our board to confirm board members.

o       Vote must be done by 15-Sep.

o       Board members will get email. Voting done be email.

o       Unit’s voting weight is proportional based on members. Each board member’s voting weight is proportional based on how many board members vote.

         E.g. if Unit 194 was 20% of district members then our collective vote counts for 20%. If 10 board members vote then each vote is 2%, if only 5 board members vote then each is 4%. The collective unit vote stays the same.


2.       Bill H. presented Treasurer’s report: ● Some discussion of March sectional loss in Halifax. High hotel costs were the culprit, but it’s a good venue. Some discussion re can we afford for the Halifax sectionals to lose money.

o   Motion: accept Treasurer’s report = Boyd, Bill K seconded. All approved.


3.       Kathie presented a CBF update

         Kathie’s term ends this year as our Zone 1 rep. She wants to step aside after this year. She’s already asked 230 if they are interested in filling the role. It’s a 3-year commitment, board meetings are two days prior to CBF championships. Kathie is concerned about ensuring we have club/member interests represented.

Agenda Items:

1.       Can-At update – Maureen


     Side issue: we have enough T-shirts for five years. Storage/transportation is a problem. Could the T-shirts travel with the tournament gear, like tables?

o     Idea to hand-off T-Shirts at each tournament to the coordinator for the next tournament (e.g. Bridgewater handoff to Valley, Valley to Halifax, etc.). Will try this.


     Can-At is back at Lord Nelson. Highlights …

o     Different financial model. Not feasible to have gala, though it was fun for all.

o     Having kitchen party on Friday night, 10-12. Cash bar. Plan to attend PLEASE.

o     Game time is now 7:00pm (was 7:30).

o     Lots of volunteers helping.

o     Game start delays was a BIG issue in March. Will be issue at Can-At.

     Gerry has sent a letter to Guy (DIC)

     Some discussion of hard cutoff times – some in favour, some concerned this will upset customers.

o     “Dine around” Tuesday night – four local volunteers to host dinners for specific guests.

o     Parking same format

o     Jim – what about idea of a meet-and-greet for BBO members?



4.       Bill H. retiring from three key roles: Treasurer, Tournament Coord, Webmaster


     Asked if there was one role he might consider keeping longer, Bill said possibly Web.

     Reaching out to Yves re webmaster; either he or Mike Ritcey did District 1 site?

    Action: Bill to send short summary of these roles and what exactly is involved (ie time, tasks) so we can start looking for candidates.


5.       HST issue – some brief discussion. Carry-forward to Bridgewater since Sandra will be there.


6.       Bridgewater meetings – we will have special general meeting first (immediately after game), then Exec meeting following that.


7.       Carry forward discussion of section/club scheduling conflicts.


8.       Allan Graves visit. Allan is running for District Director at end of year. He spoke to the board for 15-20 minutes about his background, ideas and plans. And answered any questions. He agreed to send something in writing to follow. Highlights:


         Bottom-up view – clubs and units should be driving growth

         Refocus on teaching new players, esp rubber bridge.

         How does/should ACBL help/support clubs? Sometimes they compete w clubs now.

        Current ACBL board structure is unwieldy

        He knows many of the current board members.

Meeting adjourned 2:50am.

Next meeting: Saturday May 26th, 2018 at Bridgewater Sectional (between sessions)