Minutes of the Unit 194 Board Meeting

Halifax Sectional

May 26, 2018


Present: Lydia Prange, Sandra MacPherson, Bilgin Batman, Jim Kirby, Brian DeLong, Gerry Callaghan, Marjorie Wandler, Linda Tuff, Mike Tanner, Liz Legacy

Call to Order

Proposed agenda was approved

Minutes from the April 2018 board meeting were approved with for following changes

●       Clarified Bill to confirm 2019 Sectional dates

●       Motion: Jim K, Linda. All approved.


1.       Update on Truro tournament financials – Lydia (for Bill Halliday)

●       Bill sent financials. Truro profit $1400. Up $700 so far this year.

●       Bill did write up of tournament coordinator position.

●       Currently stipend for treasurer+coord is combined $1000. Bill looking at hours involved.

●       Karl has provided notice that the fall Bridgeline will be his last.

Agenda Items:

1.       HST and Directors liability

●       Carried forward from Truro meeting.

●       Action: Gerry to consult w associates and to submit recommendation by 31-July.

●       Possibly meet at Can-At in July


2.       Club games held during Sectionals

●       Issue came up at Halifax sectional

●       Lydia read out email

●       All agreed the unit can’t mandate anything

●       Ideas discussed about how to better serve members, possible 99er game satellite at clubs, possible revenue sharing ideas, etc.


3.       Can-At update - Gerry

●       Sandra to talk to Gerry offline re raffle

●       Room block extended to May 23rd. Rate still available.

●       2016 was 400 room nights. At 305 room nights now.

●       Compared director costs: low 30s for other tourn, low 40s for us. Spoke to Guy.

●       Parking same deal. $10 per exit.

●       Find out how unit email works.

o   Action: Mike to ask Bill how this works.

●       Liz discussed temp ACBL memberships, $5 rebate idea


4.       299er Sectional in Halifax – new idea


●       Jim raised and will gather some info. Carry forward to next meeting.

5.    Leo Weniger presentation (For District election)

●       Late starting due to communication mistake

●       Leo presented his case for continuing for another term as District 1 Director on ACBL Board

Meeting adjourned 2:50pm.

Next meeting: Saturday Nov 17th, 2018 at Halifax Sectional