Unit 194 Annual General Meeting, Saturday, November 17,2018

Attendees: Linda Tuff, Lydia Prange, Gerry Callaghan, Jim Kirby, Marjorie Wandler, Sandra MacPherson, Elaine Tuff, Vicki Traynor, Alan Stern, John Dow, Brian DeLong, Del Knox, John Olsen, Fran DeLong, Marilyn Rudolph, Richard Nickerson, Scott Rappard, Kathie Macnab and Mike Covey

Call to Order: 1:15 pm

Minutes from November 2017 AGM read by Linda Tuff.  Approved Vicki Traynor Brian DeLong



Nominating Report presented by Lydia Prange – see attached.

New members include Gerry Callaghan as Treasurer, John Olsen, Fran DeLong, Marilyn Rudolph, Art Donahoe and John Dow as Unit Tournament Chair.  There were no nominations from the floor. 

Approved.  Alan Stern and Fran DeLong.

Treasurer’s Report and Financial Items

Presented by Gerry Callaghan (Bill Halliday was on an errand for the Unit) – report attached.

Approved:: Jim Kirby and Fran DeLong

Appointment of External Auditor:  David Etter has accepted the position.    Approved.  Jim Kirby and Sandra MacPherson. 


Quick update on the earlier Unit meeting. 


Tribute to Karl Hicks set for March Sectional

The Bridgeline will be incorporated into the Website and Bill Halliday will continue as Webmaster and Trophy Race Coordinator.  Articles can be submitted for publication on the website.

We now have an HST number effective October 1, 2018 and the Can-At is now under the Unit 194 umbrella for financial purposes.

The Unit Tournament Coordinator position is now a separate position

The President also thanked several board members, who were leaving the Board, for their much appreciated assistance during her two years as President and welcomed the new members to the Board.   John Olsen, on behalf of the Unit, thanked Lydia Prange for her time as President.

Meeting adjourned: 2 pm.