Minutes of the Unit 194 Board Meeting

Halifax Sectional

Nov 17, 2018


Present: Lydia Prange, Bilgin Batman, Jim Kirby, Brian DeLong, Gerry Callaghan, Marjorie Wandler, Linda Tuff, Liz Legacy, Bill Halliday, Maureen Donovan, Bill Knoll

Regrets: Paulette, Brenda, Marilyn B, Sandra, Boyd, Mike T.

Call to Order

Proposed agenda was approved

Minutes from the May 2018 board meeting were approved


1.       President’s Report – Lydia (see attached)

     HST Number:

At the last Board meeting in Bridgewater, Board Members asked our External Accountant to research and advise whether the Unit should register for HST. We received his opinion and he recommended we should become an HST registrant. The board unanimously approved this prior to this meeting:

o   “In order to do this we seek the approval of the Board. We are asking you to advise your agreement of the following motion. Please reply by email by September 15 so that the Treasurer may request a business number from CRA in advance of the new business year beginning October 1, 2018.”

o   MOTION: That the board of Unit 194 recommends that the Unit become an HST registrant and that we direct the Treasurer to request a business number from CRA.

o   Motion passed prior to the meeting by unanimous vote of the Board.


     BridgeLine: propose ceasing to publish the Bridgeline. Unit will no longer pay the $200.


     Bill H to continue as Webmaster at $250/year.



o     Bill H willing to continue doing this and post on web site. Propose a $150/year stipend added to webmaster stipend.


     Motion: Increase webmaster stipend to $400/year to include the Lagan/McLeod totals.

o     Approved (Bill H, seconded Maureen, motion carried)


    Tournament chairman: previously was bundled with $1000 Treasurer stipend. Bill recommended $250 for Tournament chairman. Treasurer should stay at $1000 due to added Can-At and HST reporting.


    Motion: Stipend for Treasurer to remain at $1000/year.

o     Approved (Marjorie, seconded Bill H, motion carried)


    Motion: Create new stipend for Tournament Chairman position of $250/year.

o     Approved (Jim K, seconded Bill H, motion carried)


2.       Nominating committee report

       Marjorie, Sandra, Boyd and Bill H (also Treasurer & Tournament Coordinator) will be leaving the board. All others agreed to offer for another two years.


      Nominating committee recommends the following board additions:

o   John Olsen (South Shore, replacing Marjorie)

o   Art Donahoe (Halifax, replacing Sandra)

o   Marilyn Rudolph (Truro, replacing Boyd)

o   Gerry Callaghan (Halifax, replacing Bill H; and Treasurer)

o   John Dow (Tournament Coordinator, ex officio)

o   Fran DeLong (Valley, replacing Brian DeLong)

o   Brian Delong (moving to 2nd Vice)

o   Jim Kirby (moving to 1st Vice)

o   Linda Tuff (moving to President)

o   David Etter (auditor, replacing Gerry Callaghan)

      Motion: Nominating report approved to recommend to full AGM

o   Approved.


3.       Treasurer’s report - Bill

Agenda Items:

1.       Tribute for Karl


     See President’s report for details. Proposal is:

o     Tribute to Karl to be done at March sectional.

o     Boyd will do tribute.

o     November sectional to be renamed “Karl Hicks Memorial

o     Award A/X Sat winners a plaque in memory of Karl.




    Action: Lydia to update with Karl’s family. Linda to follow-up w them later re March arrangements.


2.       Can-At update - Maureen


3.       March Sectional update – Gerry

    Other locations were discussed but agreed to go ahead with Lord Nelson.


Meeting adjourned 2:50pm.

Next meeting: Saturday Apr 27th, 2018 at Truro Sectional