Minutes of the Unit 194 Board Meeting

Bridgewater Sectional

May 25, 2019


Present:     Jim Kirby, Brian DeLong, Gerry Callaghan, Mike Tanner, Paulette Mitchell, John Olsen, Fran Delong, Brenda Gouthro, Marilyn Rudolph, Liz Legacy, John Dow

Regrets:     Linda Tuff, Lydia Prange, Bill Knoll, Art Donahoe, Maureen Donovan, Marilyn Bennett, Joan Gillam

Call to Order – Jim chairing

Proposed agenda was approved

Minutes from the Apr 2019 board meeting were approved

1.      Treasurer’s report - Gerry

·           Recent Halifax tournament lost $3712. We can no longer afford Lord Nelson for sectionals.

·           We have $51,000 in the bank

·           Financial statements to Apr 30 show Unit has assets of $63,015, liabilities of $11,240, leaving a surplus of $51,776

·           Treasurer’s report was approved.

2.      Previous Business:

·           299er tournament in Halifax:

o  Discussion of dates, timing could be a problem as we prefer to avoid winter and any conflict with other sectionals.

o  Discussion of venues; idea discussed of whether we could host this at club(s) but probably not practical.

o  All present agreed that we should pursue this idea. Jim agreed to get this started.

o  Carry forward to next meeting.

3.      New Business:

·           Transportation of prizes. It was agreed that the T-shirts would travel to the next location after each Sectional (e.g. someone from New Minas takes them home from Bridgewater). Free plays would stay in the custody of the Treasurer and/or Secretary and they would be responsible for getting them to each tournament.


·           50-50 draws and proceeds. It was agreed that this was up to the local tournament chair and not the unit.


·           Friday start times at Sectionals.

o    Good discussion of pros/cons of start times.

o    It was agreed that the Unit will change Friday times to 1:00 and 7:00 for all Sectionals starting in New Minas.


·           Venue selection and Halifax sectionals.

o    It was confirmed that the Mount is booked for Nov.

o    We still have no chair for November. Jim agreed to talk to Stuart.

o    March tournament – Gerry to book the Mount. We still have no chair, likely Gerry & Linda will do this.


·           Can-At 2020 (Halifax)

o    Conflict with Nationals in Montreal a few weeks later, but nothing we can do about that. Conservatively budgeting for 800 tables instead of 1000. Worst loss would be $10,000.

o    It’s believed that Maureen planned to speak to Sol about limiting directors.

o    Gerry confirmed the dates are already booked at Lord Nelson.

o    Gerry will provide tournament dates/details to John D and prepare budget.


·         T-shirts:

o       Maureen plans to get pricing on new T-shirts.

Meeting adjourned 2:50pm.

Next meeting: Saturday Sep 28th, 2019 at Valley Sectional