Minutes of the Unit 194 Board Meeting

Valley Sectional

Sep 28, 2019


Present:     Linda Tuff, Jim Kirby, Brian DeLong, Gerry Callaghan, Mike Tanner, John Olsen, Fran Delong, Marilyn Rudolph, Liz Legacy, John Dow, Maureen Donovan

Regrets:     Lydia Prange, Bill Knoll, Art Donahoe, Marilyn Bennett, Joan Gillam, Paulette Mitchell, Brenda Gouthro

Call to Order

Proposed agenda was approved

Minutes from the May 2019 board meeting were approved with one amendment re 50/50 wording to reflect “as per bylaws

·         Motion: Liz, Jim. All approved.

1.      Treasurer’s report - Gerry

·         Reviewed report.

·         Action: get tournament financials from Sydney 2018 to share w Sydney (Gerry/Bill)

·         Action: Brenda needs to officially ask unit for sanction for Sydney 2020 (Brenda)

·         Treasurer’s report was approved – Jim, John

2. ACBL News: Units no longer have disciplinary function. Action: circulate email (Mike)

3. Previous Business:

·         299er tournament in Halifax – Jim K

o   Spoke to Moncton. Low table count (24).

o   Spoke to LeBrun center re space, waiting on them. Don’t have tables/chairs.

o   Discussion of other venues/times.

o   Agreed to try adding 299er section to Nov Sectional in Halifax 2019

·         T-shirts and prizes - Maureen

o   New T-shirts ~ $9.50ea

o   Other ideas – imprint and perfect pens; mugs ($9 ea), thermos ($11ea)

o   Motion: OK for tournament chair to budget up to $700 for prizes for their tournament, with prizes to be determined by each tourn chair. (Maureen, Brian. Approved.)

4. New Business:

·         Can-At 2010 update – Gerry, Maureen, Linda

o   Schedule is now on the web site

o   Committee is meeting in Oct. Ahead of schedule compared to 2018.

o   Expecting four pros/teachers to attend: Allan Graves, Jerry Helms, Robert Todd, Barbara Seagram

o   We will be providing incentives for groups

o   Audio is being handled by Mike Ritcey

o   Contract with Lord Nelson is WIP (Gerry)

·         November Sectional Update

o   Gerry will chair if nobody found. Deedee will do partnerships again.

o   Sanction is already in place.

·         March Sectional Update

o   Mount is reserved, contract is WIP. (Lord Nelson too expensive)

o   No chair. No sanction.

o   Action: enter sanction with a default person as chair (John D)

·         Grass Root Fund from District 1 – Linda

o   From Jean L, District 1 passed resolution at meeting – they now have funds that can be applied for.

·         Pre-duplication of boards - Jim

o   Trisha asked about this. Victor will possibly pre-dupe boards for tournaments.

o   Is Edgar retiring? From doing boards too?

o   Action: Linda to clarify situation with Trisha and Victor (Linda)

·         Halifax tournaments

o   What to do about chairs on ongoing basis? Need to get sanctions in sooner, what’s ACBL cutoff?

o   Discussion of possibly having Halifax clubs run one each

o   Carry forward to next meeting

Meeting adjourned 2:35pm.

Next meeting: Saturday Nov 16th, 2019 at Halifax Sectional