Minutes of the Unit 194 Board Meeting

Halifax Sectional

Nov 16, 2019


Present:     Linda Tuff, Jim Kirby, Brian DeLong, Gerry Callaghan, Mike Tanner, John Olsen, Fran Delong, Marilyn Rudolph, Liz Legacy, John Dow, Maureen Donovan, Lydia Prange, Art Donahoe

Regrets:     Bill Knoll, Marilyn Bennett, Joan Gillam, Paulette Mitchell, Brenda Gouthro

Call to Order

Proposed agenda was approved

Minutes from the Sept 2019 board meeting were approved

·         Motion: Liz, Fran.  All approved.

1.      Treasurer’s report - Gerry

·         Reviewed report.

·         Treasurer’s report was approved – Jim, Mike


2. Previous Business:

·         299er tournament in Halifax – Jim K

o   Carry forward to next meeting


·         Halifax sectionals – chairs/sanctions

o   Should be getting sanctions 1+ year in advance (& chairs)

o   Gerry will be acting chair for March & Nov 2020 for now

o   Action: enter Halifax sanctions for 2020 (John D)

o   Action: follow-up with Joe on Sydney plans (Linda)

o   Action: follow-up on Nfld tournament plans (Jim)


3. New Business:

·         Can-At 2010 update – Gerry, Maureen, Linda


·         March Sectional Update – Gerry


·         Award for A/X pairs (Karl Hicks) - Maureen

o   Karl’s daughter Kim and family to do presentation


·         Boards for the sectionals

o   Edgar to continue preparing boards. He’s not retiring and will get the boards to tournaments.

o   There are 29 sets of boards. Main issues for someone new to do boards are:

§  Have room to store 29 sets of boards

§  Be able to transport boards to tournaments

§  Can’t play in tournaments


·         Remote participation in meetings – Marilyn B.

o   Action: look at options again (Mike)


·         Two strata winners – John O

o   Question of whether there would be two strata winners. Clarified that there is only one.


·         Honour roll memorial for those who have passed away. Discussed naming specific people but worried some would be missed. Decision was to have a general moment of silence at Halifax Nov section (last of the year) for all those who have passed.


Meeting adjourned 2:35pm.


Next meeting: Truro Sectional