Minutes of the Unit 194 Board Meeting

Virtual – Zoom Meeting - April 30, 2020


Present:     Linda Tuff, Jim Kirby, Brian DeLong, John Olsen, Fran Delong, Brian Delong, Marilyn Rudolph, John Dow, Maureen Donovan, Art Donahoe, Marilyn Bennett, Mike Tanner

Regrets:     Paulette Mitchell, Liz Legacy, Gerry Callaghan, Bill Knoll, Joan Gillam, Lydia Prange

Call to Order - 11:12 am

Proposed agenda was approved. Motion: Art Donohue and seconded by Jim Kirby. All approved.

Minutes from the November 16, 2019 board meeting were approved with one amendment. The report on the Can-At refers to an incorrect year (2010). It will be revised to 2020. Motion: John Olson, seconded by John Dow. All approved.

Treasurer’s report – In Gerry’s absence Jim Kirby offered to present the Financial Report

Reviewed report and Maureen mentioned that the $2,500 deposit for the Can–At 2020 may not be lost as we are clearly covered for government closures by clause 11 in the Lord Nelson agreement. The Can-At committee will send a letter to this effect to the Lord Nelson and report back to the Unit Board.

Treasurer’s report with the above correction was approved.

Motion: Jim Kirby, seconded by Art Donahoe. All approved.

New Business:

·         299’er Tournaments– apparently this should not have been added in again as most felt that this issue had been resolved. However, Brian will review whether the Valley may wish to consider a 299 tournament and will report back at the next meeting.


·         Sectionals –


o   The Truro and Bridgewater sectionals have been cancelled without any penalties. Brian is still planning on the Valley tournament going ahead but has advised that should they need to cancel, there will not be any penalties. The Sydney sectional is scheduled for August 28-30th and is being chaired by Joe Aucoin. The Friday time for the Sydney tournament is incorrectly reported on the website. John Dow will follow up on this again.


o   The November sectional, Karl Hicks Memorial, in Halifax is scheduled for Nov 15-17, 2020 at the Mount and Jim Kirby has offered to co-chair this with Gerry Callaghan.


o   Linda addressed whether the Newfoundland club would like to reconsider a Sectional. Marilyn Bennett informed the Board that the club has changed to a community-owned club which may reopen this possibility. She will report back to the Board.


o   There was a question regarding the potential impact for reduced numbers at future Sectionals but there did not seem to be a consensus. However, the Board will be watching for this issue. At this time it was felt that the Unit was in a very healthy financial position.


·         Can-At 2020 update – The Can-AT committee will meet on May 1, 2020 to review the status of the tournament. The Board will be updated by email. It is proposed a letter be sent to the Lord Nelson regarding the return of the deposit as per above. There was some discussion by the Board about whether we should consider requesting an interim Can-At in Halifax in September or October, this year and alternate years when and if the New Brunswick tournament is held in Fredericton. John Dow will report back regarding the ACBL’s position.


·         Other:


o    There needs to be a replacement representative for Brenda Gouthro of Cape Breton as she has had to resign due to health issues. John Dow will ask Joe Aucoin if he has any interest.


o    Virtual meetings: There seemed to be a very positive response to the idea of virtual meetings. It was convenient and allowed more people to attend. The agreement was to continue on a virtual basis until Covid 19 restrictions are lifted and then to review at that time. Motion: Jim Kirby and seconded by Mike Tanner. All approved.


Meeting adjourned at 12:00PM.

Next meeting: June 25th, 2020, 11:00AM.