Minutes of the Unit 194 Board Meeting

Virtual – Zoom Meeting - June 25, 2020


Present:     Linda Tuff, Brian Delong, Fran Delong, Marilyn Bennett, Lydia Prange, Marylyn Rudolph, John Olsen, Jim Kirby, John Dow, Gerry Callaghan, Maureen Donovan

Regrets:     Art Donahoe, Liz Legacy, Bill Knoll, Paulette Mitchell, Mike Tanner

Call to Order – 4:35 pm

Proposed agenda was approved

Minutes Approved from April 20, 2020 Zoom Meeting

Treasurer’s Report:

·         Unit received $2,500 deposit from the Lord Nelson regarding Cat-At 2020

·         Unit received $1,300 in ACBL membership fees

·         Edgar Blinn has been paid $468 for preparing board for the cancelled Truro Sectional.

Previous Business:

·         Marilyn Bennett will approach the Board of Directors of the local bridge clubs in St. John’s to discuss Summer 2021 Sectional.

New Business:

·         Due to cancellation of all 2020 Sectionals, Maureen Donovan will contact Kim Hicks re the Karl Hicks Memorial Sectional in November.

·         Nominating Committee – needed to help fill vacant position on the board. Committee to be appointed by President. A two month window would allow the committee plenty of time to do their research. Linda Tuff offered to poll the current board to determine how many vacant positions will need to be filled.

·         Lydia Prange offered to reach out to Sandra MacPherson regarding AGM time restrictions.

·         John Dow offered that due to the “Closure Mandate” a cancelled AGM would have a 90 day extension after the lifting of the ban.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm.

Next meeting date to be announced.