Unit 194 Feb. 18, 2021

                                         Meeting via Zoom



The Meeting was called to order at 4:30 p.m.


Present: Linda Tuff, Maureen Donovan, Jim Kirby, Art Donahue, John Dow, Brian and Fran Delong, Gerry Callaghan, Lydia Prange, Liz Legacy and Marilyn Bennett.


Absent: Mike Tanner, Bill Knoll, Paulette Mitchell, Joan Gillam


The minutes from the Unit meeting June 25, 2020 were approved as circulated. 




There were no questions regarding the Financial report as submitted by Gerry Callaghan, Treasurer.




Jim Kirby has volunteered to take this on. This was unanimously approved. Vacant positions include Secretary, 2nd VP, Yarmouth and a Halifax Representative. It was recommended that the 2nd VP come from the existing Board, so Marilyn Bennett has agreed to take on this role. Marilyn has suggestions for a Newfoundland Representative to replace her and will forward to Jim.

Jean Mackenzie has volunteered to be Secretary.  Paulette Mitchell, Yarmouth, is trying to find someone to replace her on the board. Elliot Kaizer’s name has been suggested for the vacant Halifax position. 


The Nominating Committee will prepare their report, and have it approved by the Board via e-mail prior to submitting to the membership at the AGM. 




Jim Kirby received notification of Edgar Blinn’s decision to retire. Jim and Gerry will pick up all of the supplies from Edgar and store them at the Bridge Studio for the time being. It was noted that the supplies need to be in a heated storage area. 


Trish and Victor will be consulted regarding the future responsibility of storing and transporting the supplies. It was suggested that it be clarified that it requires someone physically able to do this and with a car. Apparently, there are a lot of items to be transported to each tournament and they are heavy. There was a suggestion that we may wish to consider hiring someone.




Ex-Officio Maritime Bridge Line.


This position is no longer relevant as the Unit does not have that publication anymore. Lydia Prange suggested that we replace the Maritime Bridge Line ex-officio with the Webmaster. The Webmaster also is the race coordinator with regards to the Lagan and McLeod trophy races. As this is a change to the Unit By-Laws an email detailing the amendments must be sent to the membership prior to the AGM. This will be done four weeks or earlier of the meeting scheduled April 15, 2021. 

Members would also be encouraged to submit interesting articles to the Webmaster for posting to the website. Bill Halliday has agreed to continue as the Webmaster.




Lydia Prange reported that she had consulted with Sandra MacPherson regarding attendance at Board meetings and the issue of confidentiality. Members can request to attend the Unit Board meetings but are not entitled to attend otherwise. Meetings are considered closed and items discussed are confidential. 


Unit 230 and ACBL Charts


Linda Tuff received from Unit 230 a document created by Roger Buckland explaining the changes to the Chart for Tournament and Clubs in a “player friendly” manner.  Linda will send a copy of this educational to Board members for their perusal.




It was unanimously agreed that in view of ongoing issues with Covid, that our annual general meeting will be held virtually on Thursday April 15th at 5:00 PM; Fran Delong made the motion, seconded by Maureen Donovan.


Bill Halliday will send out a notice to all Unit 194 members at least four weeks prior to the meeting with the Zoom instructions. Also a notice will be sent to all Club Managers encouraging them to notify their members.


The minutes from last year’s AGM require the addition of missing items that Lydia will fix.

The Financial statements and the minutes will be posted on the website by Bill. The minutes from the 2019 AGM along with the proposed amendments to the Bylaws will be attached to the e-mail blast. Linda and Jim will format this e-mail announcement regarding the AGM.


Liz Legacy moved that the meeting be adjourned at 5:37 PM


Respectfully submitted by Maureen Donovan, Board Member