The Minutes - Board of Directors Meeting Nov. 16, 2021

Jim Kirby called this meeting via ZOOM, to order at 5:30 p.m.

Present:  Jim Kirby, Linda Tuff, Brian and Fran DeLong, Gerry Callaghan, Marylyn Rudolph, John Dow, John Olsen, Maureen Donovan, Bill Halliday, Art Donahue, Tim Margolian, Ron O’Brien, Jean Mackenzie.

Fran moved that the Minutes of Feb. 18, 2021, previously circulated, be accepted as drafted.  John Olsen seconded.  Motion carried.

Gerry Callaghan briefly reviewed the Financial Report:  Excess (Deficiency) of Revenue over Expenses ($368) for the year ended September 30, 2021, with Net Assets at Sept. 30, 2021 of $54,409.  Gerry moved the Financial Report be accepted.  John Olsen seconded.  Motion carried.

Under New Business – Much discussion ensued regarding the Can-At Games. Jim and Brian will study this issue, and meet with each of the three Co-Chairs separately. Gerry wondered if these games should be reduced to four days, instead of seven.  Much will depend on the success of the November Sectional Tournament in Halifax, as to whether we will continue with this year’s Can-At games, and also as to whether Unit 194 will hold the March Sectional Tournament.  

The general consensus is that our Club games are not operating as successfully yet, as they did prior to pre-Covid days. 

John wondered if there are set dates for Board of Directors’ Meetings. Linda confirmed that the Board can meet anytime, upon need.

Jim will make a motion to the AGM on Saturday, that all Board members, minus Gerry who is retiring, will continue in their positions.

John wondered about the management of Boards for the various Sectionals, now that Edgar has retired.  This equipment has been put in storage, at a cost of $85.00/ mo. Victor will do the Boards for all the Tournaments.  

Please note the Agenda sent out on Nov. 6 was for the AGM meeting on Nov.20th.

It was decided the Board will meet again on Monday, Dec. 6th, 4:30 pm.  It should be clearer then, if and how to continue with these various Tournaments. 

Ron moved, and Fran seconded – that the meeting adjourn.

Jean B. Mackenzie, Sec’ty