Unit 194 Annual General Meeting

Mt. St. Vincent University

Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021  at 2:15 pm  

Agenda:    1) Approval of the Minutes of the last Annual Meeting

                   2)  Presentation of annual reports by the Officers of the Unit

                   4)  New business

                   5)  Election of Officers and Board

                   6)  Appointment of Accountant (s)



Jim Kirby;  Brian DeLong;  Jean Mackenzie; Fran DeLong; Gerry Callaghan; Marcia Shaw; Valerie McClintock; Elliot Kayser; Tim Margolian; Victor Goldberg; Liz Legacy; John Dow; Ray Malone; Peter Ineson;  David Etter; Margaret Ann Dolan; Julie Williams; Lesley Ruggles;  Kenny Mallad; Richard Nickerson\ Bilgin Batman; Bryan Drummond; Betty Van Der Ree; Gaye MacDonald.  Several others arrived after ‘call to order’.


Call to Order:  By President Jim Kirby

Jim reviewed the Minutes of the AGM Meeting, via ZOOM, of April 15, 2021.  Jim moved the Minutes be adopted.  Gerry seconded.  Motion carried.

Financial Statements

 Gerry reviewed the Financial Report; Excess (Deficiency) Revenues over Expenses of ($368.) with Net Assets at Sept. 30, 2021 of $54,409.  Gerry reiterated that the November Sectional Tournament will be a run-through for holding other tournaments, even the Can-At for this coming year.  He suggested the Can-At week be reduced to five days; local Directors perhaps could be hired; perhaps a more reasonable Venue for this week, could be located.  Gerry moved the Financial Report be accepted.  John Olsen seconded.  Motion carried.

New Business:

Jim quickly reviewed the roster of Board Members to represent Unit 194:


Jim Kirby, President

Brian Delong, 1st V.P.

Elliot Kayser, 2nd V.P.

Secretary - Jean Mackenzie

Treasurer – Bill Halliday

Past President: Linda Tuff


Area Representatives:

Counties of Yarmouth, Shelburne and Digby: Paulette Mitchell

Counties of Queens and Lunenburg: John Olsen

Counties of Annapolis, Kings and Hants: Fran Delong

Cape Breton: Irene Jones

Counties of Pictou and Antigonish: Ron O’Brien

Counties of Colchester and Guysborough: Marylyn Rudolph

Halifax County: Art Donahoe

Halifax County: Tim Margolian

Halifax County: Elizabeth Legacy

Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland: Marilyn Bennett

Newfoundland and Labrador excluding the Avalon Peninsula: Marilyn Bennett


Ex-Officio Non Voting:

The Unit Tournament Chair – John Dow

The Can-At Chairs – M. Donovan, Linda Tuff and Gerry Callaghan

The Webmaster – Bill Halliday

The Zone 1 Director of the CBF


Jim moved and Liz seconded, that Bill Halliday take on the position of Treasurer, as well as that of Web Master.  So moved.

As Gerry Callaghan is retiring this year, Jim moved the appointment of David Etter as Accountant for the Unit 194. Marcia seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 

Jim and Brian will do an in-depth study regarding the feasibility of holding future Tournaments, expanding on Gerry’s suggestions.   Jim urged those with workable ideas regarding these issues, to email him with their thoughts.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned. 



Jean Mackenzie

Secretary, Unit 194