Unit 194 Board Meeting – January 10, 2022


Jim called the meeting to order; 12 Board members present.  John Dow and Ron O’Brien had work commitments, and Marilyn Bennet couldn’t get connected.  We will work on a time for these meetings, that will be more suitable for everyone.

Elliot and Gerry gave their Can-At report:

       Tournament days to be Monday, July 4 through to Thursday, July 7th, 2022; Venue - the Halifax Casino;  budgeted per day - $1,500. Tables, chairs and water will be provided.   There will be a Covid Clause in the contract, and an ACBL Sanction Clause, to protect against imposed Covid closure that could occur.  The Chief Director confirmed that holding the Can-At for only four days, will not be an issue.  Trish and Victor will be assigned as Head Directors.   Bill and Elliott will advise if lighting there needs to be improved.  Gerry and Bill will do up a Flier to give to John Dow, who will then apply for an ACBL sanction.   

      The Marriott will hold ten rooms for Tournament use, and be prepared to offer more.  No commitment from us is needed, should these rooms have to be cancelled.  Parking fees, etc. will have to be worked out.  Elliot suggested that the Hospitality room here, may be more fitting for Tournament needs, than at the Casino.

     Gerry suggested we go by the old bracketed system, so that players are in their own bracketed range.  This can be subject to change. 

      The session fees were discussed.  Linda moved and Tim seconded that, we keep the session fee to $16.00.  Unit 194 is prepared for a substantial loss, but keeping the $16 / per session fee, should help to rebuild bridge attendance.    Motion carried.   

Fran moved and Arthur seconded, that Gerry, Elliot and Tim Co-Chair this Tournament.  Motion carried. 

Tim emphasized the importance of the Partnership Desk.  Linda will look into this, as well as the advertising for this tournament.  ACBL requires that a Partnership name be on the Flier.  The Tournament will go on the ACBL website. 

Contact with such names as Jerry Helms, Alan Graves, Barbara Seagram will be made.

Gerry reported on the upcoming Sectional.  The dates:  March 25 – 27th, 2022; Venue – Mt. St. Vincent University.  He has sent a Flier to John Dow, to apply for a Sanction.  There is a Covid ‘safety’ clause in this Sanction.

Arthur thanked Gerry, Elliot and Tim for arranging the details of the Can-At.  This took a great deal of work and effort on their part, and it is very much appreciated.  

No further business, Fran moved and John Olsen seconded, that the meeting adjourn. 

Jim will let us know when another meeting is necessary. 

Submitted:  Jean Mackenzie, Sec’ty