Nov. 12, 2022 Discussions


Due to the power outage at Mt. St. Vincent on Nov. 12, 2022, the intended Board Meeting became a Discussion group, with Jim Kirby presiding.

Those present: Gerry Callahan; John Dow; Elliott Kayser; Liz Legacy; Jean Mackenzie and Linda Tuff.

Various offices were discussed:  Brian DeLong is now President;  Elliott Kayser is 1st Vice;  and Tim Margolian is 2nd Vice; Bill Halliday is Treasurer.

Gerry reported on the Balance Sheet, and the Statement of Loss, year ended Sept. 30, 2022.  Net Loss for the Year 2022 is $11,796.  Gerry considered that the gains from other years’ Tournaments,  offsets this loss.  Unit 194 is financially fine, for the time being.

John reported briefly on Sanctions for the coming year.  Discussion followed as to the Tournaments we may hold in 2023.  But no decisions were made.

The scheduled AGM for this day, was cancelled, and will take place at a later date by ZOOM.

No further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned. 

Jean B. Mackenzie, Sec’ty