March 25, 2023 MINUTES – Unit 194 AGM

1)      Agenda: Approval of the minutes of the April 15, 2021 Annual Meeting

2)      Presentation of annual reports by the Officers of the Unit

3)      New Business

4)      Election of Officers and Board

5)      Appointment of Auditors(s)

Items on the Agenda:

1.    Reduce the break time between the two Friday games. This could be done by playing at 2 and 7 or 1 and 6 or whatever the members prefer.

2.    Starting with the Truro sectional we should use the Bridge mates for the team games. This will greatly reduce the need to mill about the results board and the teams will get their new assignments from the bridge mates, Trish says she can be ready for the Truro sectional.


3.    Increase the limit for the BCD from 1000 to 1250. We need more participants in the BCD games and many people have gained a lot of points on line during Covid.


4.    Develop a more effective method of delivering Tournament equipment to Tournaments.


President Jim Kirby called the meeting to order at 2:15 pm – 18 people present:  Fran DeLong, Scott Rappard, Ron O’Brien, Bryan Drummond, David Etter, Del Knox, Maryliyn Rudolph, Richard Nickerson,  John Dow,  Jean Mackenzie,  Brian DeLong,  Betty Van der Ree,  Bilgin Batman,  Elliiott Kayser,  Dan Landry,  Marcia Shaw.  Others joined as the meeting progressed.

The Minutes of Nov. 20, 2021 were reviewed. Fran moved the Minutes be accepted as read.  Seconded by Ron. Motion carried. 

Old Business

Financial Statements

In the absence of Bill Halliday, David Etter presented the Unit Review statements to Sept. 30, 2022.

Unrestricted Net Assets on the Sept. 30, 2022 Financial Statements was $42,611 showing a loss of $12,832 from the 3 tournaments with a net loss for the year of $11,796.


The Ken-Wo September, 2022 Tournament showed a Net Loss of $1,942.00 resulting in unrestricted Net Assets at November 5, 2022 of $41,048.


The Nov. 2022 Halifax Sectional reported a loss of approximately $3,000.00 after the Nov 5th statement was prepared.


Fran moved the Financial Review Statements be accepted, seconded by Ron.  Carried.



New Business

As Tournament Flyers are made up a year in advance, it was decided the time between the two Friday games would remain the same, but can be changed at a later time.


Regarding the use of Bridge mates for team games, since Tournament schedules are made up a year in advance, this can not go into effect this year. 


Regarding limiting the BCD from 1000 to 1250, this is a decision made by the Director


Regarding a more acceptable method of delivering equipment for Tournaments, this agenda item did not get discussed. 


Several suggestions were made on how to combat Tournament losses.

Bilgin suggested that ACBL could find a way to subsidize our Tournament losses. Fran suggested increasing the price of Bridge Sessions. Liz commented that Clubs must made sure their members are made aware of these Tournaments, and encourage them to attend.    A Discovery committee was formed that will study this problem – Elliot Kayser, Brian DeLong, Fran DeLong, Glen Dexter, Linda  Tuff, Gerry Callaghan and Bilgin Batman.


It was noted that starting May 15, 2023, the ACBL Tournament mandate will not require Proof of Vaccination.  This will now be the choice of the Tournament Chair, who will be guided by the Dept. of Health Rules.  It was moved by Brian Drummond, seconded by Elliot that we accept this ruling.  There was one vote of dissention.


Nomination for Unit 194 Board and Officers – March, 2023.

President                                 Brian DeLong

First Vice President                Elliott Kayser

Second Vice President          Glen Dexter

Secretary                                 Jean Mackenzie

Treasurer                                 Bill Halliday

Electronic contact                  Elliott Kayser

Tournament Coordinator      John Dow

Webmaster                              Bill Halliday

Board of Directors                      Marilyn Bennett        Newfoundland and Labrador

                                                       Francis DeLong          Annapolis Valley

                                                       Marylyn Rudolph      Truro and area

                                                       Tim Margolian           Halifax and area

                                                        Kristie Misener          Halifax and area

                                                        Bilgin Batman            Halifax and area

                                                        John Olsen                 Bridgewater and area

                                                        Paulette Mitchell      Yarmouth and area

                                                        Irene Jones                Cape Breton

                                                        Ron O’Brien               New Glasgow and area

                                                        Jim Kirby                    Past President


Paulette Mitchell will be resigning as the Yarmouth and area representative.

Jerry Callaghan has resigned as Unit 194 Accountant.  David Etter will accept this post.  Bilgin moved, and Marcia seconded this motion.  Carried


Bryan Drummond moved and John Dow seconded, the acceptance of the Board of Directors roster.  Carried.


Bilgin commented that Unit 194 gave money to subsidize the Montreal Nationals last year.  As this Tournament had to be cancelled, we should attempt to be reimbursed for this money.   It was decided that the Unit 194 Board would follow up on this issue.


Jerry Callaghan moved that the meeting be adjourned.

Submitted by:

Jean Mackenzie