Unit 194 Board Meeting

January 22, 2024

President Brian called the meeting to order at 17:50.

Those present:  Brian DeLong, Elliot Keyser, Margaret Knickle, filling in for Glen Dexter, Jean Mackenzie, Bill Halliday, John Dow, Fran DeLong, Marylyn Rudolph, Tim Margolian, Bilgin Batman, Gerry Callaghan

New Business

It is necessary to find suitable storage for our Unit 194 tables and the tote boxes (space needed would be: 4x4x7’ for the tables, plus a little more for 2 containers of Unit supplies). These will be delivered to the Halifax Sectional in March, but then another place for storage must be found.

Elliot said the average cost for storage in Halifax - 5x5x14’- would be $100.00/ mo.

Gerry suggested that an email go to bridge players in the Halifax area.  Perhaps someone would have storage space, cost to be agreed later. Tim commented that a U-hall would be needed, and also access for loading and unloading. The Unit is responsible for arranging the delivery, transportation, storage, etc., but this task can be allocated to different people, perhaps with a small stipend. 

Bruce Busby of New Glasgow, would like to have a sectional tournament in this area, perhaps alternating with Truro and Port Williams.  They would need approximately 30 tables per session, to make a profit. Port Williams would be willing for such an arrangement and likely Truro, but Truro will need a Board meeting to confirm.  Alternatively, if Truro does not want to do this, it was suggested that New Glassgow could have their own Sectional, perhaps in October.

Sandra MacPherson wonders if any of the Unit 194 Clubs, would want to do a ‘Split Regional’ with Quebec, in May, 2024. Gerry Callaghan recommended that Unit 194 decline as it might have an impact on the June, 2024 Regional in Halifax. 

StaC games held during Sectionals was discussed.  Bill proposed that StaC games that are within 1 or 2 weeks of a Sectional, should be removed.  This is a current Unit 194 policy. Brian is going to attend to this matter.

Bilgin asked if it was possible to have our funds that went to the 2020 Montreal NABCs returned, since these games had to be cancelled. Bill said that District 1 had already reallocated those funds, so there could be no reimbursement. 


Fran recommended the meeting be closed. 



Jean Mackenzie, Sec’ty