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Current  Unit 194  ByLaws

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Amended as of 10th November, 2012

( section 13 )


Amended as of 12th November, 2011

( sections 9.2 and 10.2 )


Amended as of 7th November, 2009

( section 9.3 )

1.     NAME

        The name of this organization is The Canadian Maritimes Unit Number 194 of the American Contract Bridge League ( hereinafter referred to as the "Unit" ).  This Unit recognizes that the American Contract Bridge League ( hereinafter referred to as the "ACBL" ) has authority and control over Tournament Bridge in Bermuda, Mexico, the United States and Canada, subject always to the authority, in Canada only, vested, or to be vested, in the Canadian Bridge Federation.  This Unit functions within the constitution and By-laws of the ACBL.    


 2.1   The Unit has sole jurisdiction throughout the Province of Nova Scotia (exclusive of Cumberland County) and throughout the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

 2.2   With the approval of the ACBL the Unit may extend or reduce the area of jurisdiction from time to time as circumstances of growth and development render advisable.


         The Head Office of the Unit shall be the domicile of each current President.

 4.     OBJECTS

 4.1   The Unit shall maintain, promote and stimulate an interest in Contract Bridge including but not restricted to Duplicate Contract Bridge.

 4.2   The Unit may organize various bridge events and tournaments, including regular games at which Master Points or fractions thereof are awarded.

 4.3   The Unit shall co-operate with and assist the ACBL in the promotion and conduct of ACBL Sanctioned Tournaments.

 4.4   The Unit shall conduct at least two Sectional Tournaments per year.  One of which shall be designated as the "FALL Sectional".  The Unit may conduct further Sectional Tournaments in compliance with ACBL regulations.

 4.5   The Unit shall establish close relations and interchange with neighbouring Units in all matters of mutual interest.

 4.6   The Unit shall promote the development and organization of Affiliated Clubs within the Unit.  An Affiliated Club is any ACBL Sanctioned Club.

 5.     DUES

         Membership dues will be as set forth by the ACBL.


 6.1   A person whose application for membership has been submitted to the ACBL is bound to comply with the Constitution and By-Laws of both organizations.

 6.2   No person may be a member of more than one Unit and any member who changes his domicile to a place outside this Unit's jurisdictional area shall cease to be a member of the Unit at the end of the Unit's fiscal year.

 6.3   In order to remain a member a person must:

        (a)  pay his membership dues by the date set by the ACBL,

        (b)  and not be suspended or expelled under the Provisions of these By-Laws.

 6.4   Only members may vote or hold office.


  7.1   Annual Meeting

  (1) The Annual Meeting of the Unit shall be held on the second day of the "FALL Sectional".

 (2) Notice of the Annual Meeting stating the time and place of the meeting and giving notice of any proposed extraordinary business or motions shall be included in the program of the "FALL Sectional” as published in the MARITIME BRIDGE LINE.  This notice shall be available to all Unit members at least three weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.

  (3)  For the purpose of this Section, notice is deemed to be given when a written notice is sent through the ordinary mail or published in the MARITIME BRIDGE LINE and distributed to all ACBL affiliated clubs within the Unit”

  (4) The Annual Meeting shall consider the following items of business:

(a) Minutes of the Last Annual Meeting;

 (b) Hearing the Annual Reports of the Officers of the Unit;

 (c) Consideration of the place and time of future Regional and Sectional Tournaments and the establishment of the amount of table fees for all Sectional and Regional Tournaments for the following year;

 (d) New business;

 (e) Election of Officers and of Executive;

 (f)  Appointment of Auditors;  

 (5) A quorum at the Annual Meeting shall be ten (10) members

7.2   General Meeting

 (1)  General Meetings of the Unit may be held from time to time as a majority of the Executive or fifteen or more members request.  This request shall be made in writing to the Secretary of the Unit whereupon the President shall call the meeting.

 (2)  Notice in writing of such meeting shall be made available to all members of the Unit at least three weeks prior to the meeting.

 (3)  A quorum at a General Meeting shall be fifteen (15) members.

 (4)  Business transacted at a General Meeting, as constituted under this Section, has the same force and effect as business transacted at an Annual Meeting.


 8.1   Election of Officers

         The Annual Meeting shall elect the following Officers for a two-year term:

(a)  The President;

(b)  The First  Vice-President;

(c)  The Second Vice-President;

(d)  The Secretary;

(e)  The Treasurer, or

(f)  The Secretary-Treasurer

8.2   The immediate past-President shall be an Officer of the Unit

 8.3   Duties of the President

        (1)  The President is the chief executive officer of the Unit and shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Unit.

(2)  The President shall act as Chairman of all meetings of the Unit and of the Executive.

(3)  The President may appoint standing and special committees with the approval of the Executive, with the exception of the Nominating Committee and the Rules and Ethics Committee which are appointed by the Executive.

(4)  The President shall be the chief delegate or representative to the ACBL and shall supervise all correspondence and negotiations with that organization.

(5)  The President shall be one of the Signing Officers of the Unit.

(6)  The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee and the Rules and Ethics Committee.

 8.4   Duties of the Vice-Presidents

        (1)  In the absence of the President, the First Vice-President shall perform the duties of and exercise the powers of the President.

(2)  The Vice-President shall be one of the Signing Officers of the Unit.

(3)  In the absence of the President and the First Vice-President the Second Vice-President shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President.  

8.5   Duties of the Secretary

        (1)  The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the proceedings of the Unit.

(2) The Secretary shall supervise the details of membership, including keeping up-to-date lists of the members.

(3) The Secretary shall send notice of all meetings to all concerned.

(4) The Secretary shall notify members of their appointment to committees.

(5) The Secretary shall determine the voting eligibility of all persons in attendance at all Unit Meetings as laid down in Article 6.3.

(6) The Secretary shall have available copies of the Constitution and By-Laws at all Sectional and Regional Tournaments held by and in this Unit.

(7) The Secretary shall perform all other duties pertaining to the Secretariat as the President or the Executive may require.  

8.6   Duties of the Treasurer

        (1) The Treasurer shall collect and receive all moneys due and owing to the Unit and shall make all disbursements in accordance with these By-Laws.

(2) The Treasurer shall be one of the Signing Officers of the Unit.

(3) The Treasurer shall deposit all ordinary funds of the Unit in a Chartered Bank or Trust Company in the name of the Unit.

(4) The Treasurer shall prepare financial statements annually, or more often if requested to do so, and shall arrange for the audit of accounts.

(5) The Treasurer shall perform any other duties relating to the office of Treasurer as the President or the Executive may require.

8.7     Special Expenditure of Funds by the Officers

The Officers may spend up to $500.00 per fiscal year on each of any three items of Unit business (other than the operation of Sectional or Regional Tournaments) provided always that each and every one of these expenditures is approved by a majority of the Officers.


 9.1   The Annual Meeting shall elect at least eleven members, who together with the Officers of the Unit shall be the Executive of the Unit.

 9.2   Each member of the Executive may hold office for two years, or for a longer period if re-elected.

 9.3   The area distribution of the members of the Executive shall be:

(1) One from the counties of Yarmouth, Shelburne and Digby;

(2) One from the counties of Queens and Lunenburg;

(3) One from the counties of Annapolis, Kings and Hants;

(4) Three from Halifax County.

(5) Two from the Counties of Colchester, Pictou, Guysborough and Antigonish;

(6) One from Cape Breton Island;

(7) One from the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador;

(8) One from the Newfoundland and Labrador excluding the Avalon Peninsula.

 9.4   The following shall be non-voting ex-officio members of the Executive:

(1) The Editor of the MARITIME BRIDGE LINE;

(2) The Zone I Director of the Canadian Bridge Federation;

(3) The Unit Tournament Chairman;

(4) The Can-At Chairman.

 9.5   The Unit Tournament Chairman and the Can-At Chairman shall be appointed from time to time by the executive.

 9.6   A quorum from an Executive Meeting shall be seven (7) members of the executive.

 9.7   Election of the Executive

(1) The Executive shall appoint three members of the Unit to act as a Nominating Committee to present proposed nominations for Officers and Executive members to the Annual Meeting.  The Nominating Committee must be appointed at least two months before the date of the Annual Meeting.

(2)  Further nominations may be made by members of the Unit from the floor at the Annual Meeting provided that the nominee is either present or has given in writing their consent to serve.

(3)  Election of the Executive and Officers shall be by show of hands, but if a poll is demanded a secret ballot shall be held.

 9.8   If a member of the Executive resigns, or is unable to serve, the Executive may appoint another member of the Unit to fill the vacancy.


10.1  The Executive shall have general supervision of the day to day affairs of the Unit within the framework of the Constitution and By-Laws subject always to ratification by the general membership, excepting special expenditures as dealt with in Section 10.2.

10.2  The Executive shall hold not less than three Executive meetings annually.


The Rules and Ethics Committee is a standing committee of the Unit and shall be appointed by the Executive at their first meeting following the Annual Meeting.  It shall consist of three members of the Unit, none of whom shall be officers of the Executive.  It shall appoint its own Chairman.  All of its members must be present at any meeting of the Committee.


12.1  A member of the Unit may be censured, suspended, expelled or otherwise disciplined by the Unit.

12.2    (1)  If a complaint is made against a member of the Unit the complaint shall be filed in writing with the President of the Unit who shall forward it to the Chairman of the Rules and Ethics Committee.

          (2)  The Rules and Ethics Committee shall confer with the complainant and the member being charged, or shall otherwise deal with the complaint in the manner they deem appropriate.

          (3)  The Rules and Ethics Committee shall render their decision in writing to the President within thirty days of the date on which the complaint was filed.

          (4)  Within fifteen days of the date on which the decision of the Rules and Ethics Committee is filed, the President shall call a meeting of the Executive to determine whether further action is necessary

          (5)  If the Executive decides upon a hearing, the Secretary shall then set the time and place for such hearing, and shall give reasonable notice in writing to all parties.  To constitute a valid hearing there must be at least eleven members of the Executive present at the hearing.

           (6)  The member charged may choose to be represented by counsel.

          (7)  The Executive, in hearing the appeal, shall act as a judicial body.  The complainant and the member charged shall appear and give evidence.  A unanimous vote of the Executive present at the hearing shall be required for expulsion from the membership and at least a 75% vote of the executive present at the hearing shall be required for suspension or other disciplinary action.

          (8)  The decision of the Executive shall be rendered within thirty days of the date on which the complaint was heard by them.

12.3  The right of a member to play in tournaments or Club games while charges are pending against the member shall not be affected.

12.4  A member has the right to appeal any disciplinary action by the Unit in accordance with ACBL regulations.

13.    FISCAL YEAR  

The fiscal year of the Unit shall end on the 30th day September in each and every year hereafter.


14.1  The Executive shall have complete authority over all tournaments conducted by the Unit, including the naming of events and Directors, subject to the requirements of the ACBL.

14.2  No Sectional or Regional Tournament may be conducted for personal profit by any member of the Unit.


15.1  The Signing Officers of the Unit shall be any two of:

(1)  The President;

(2)  The Treasurer;

(3)  The First Vice-President, if either the President or the Treasurer is absent or is unable to sign.

15.2  Any cheque payable to the ACBL shall require only one of the signatures as detailed in Section 15.1.


The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at either the Annual Meeting or at any General Meeting called for this purpose.  Notice of any proposed amendment shall be enclosed in the Notice of Meeting, failing which unanimous consent of the members present shall be required to make an amendment