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Grand National Teams District 1 Finals

The Grand National Teams  

2023-24 ACBL General Conditions of Contest

2024 Conditions of Contest District 1

General Conditions Appendix L - Registration Date and Times


Winners of the four District 1 Grand National Team Championships will earn the right to represent District 1 at the national finals held during the Summer NABC in Toronto, July 17th to 21st, 2024. All teams consist of four, five or six players, each of whom is a member of any ACBL Unit within District 1. Players choosing to compete will do so in 1 of 4 flights:

    1. The Championship Flight is an open event with no master point restrictions;

    2. Flight A is limited to players with 0-6000 master points;

    3. Flight B is limited to players with 0-2500 master points; and 

    4. Flight C is limited to Non-Life Masters with fewer than 500 master points. 

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