2018 Conditions of Contest – District 1
General Conditions – Part 1

GNT is a team competition that takes place during the summer NABC. To qualify a team must win the District GNT contest for their flights. Not every District sends teams to the GNTs every year but District 1 is trying very hard to improve our participation. Here are the GNT rules for qualifying for the GNT finals in 2018 (Atlanta GA).

Winners of the four District 1 Grand National Team Championships will earn the right to represent District 1 at the national finals held during the Summer NABC in Atlanta, Georgie, July 2018. All teams consist of four, five or six players, each of whom is a member of any ACBL Unit within District 1. Players choosing to compete will do so in 1 of 4 flights:

1.   The Championship Flight is an open event with no master point restrictions;
Flight A is limited to players with 0-6000 master points;
Flight B is limited to players with 0-2500 master points; and
.   Flight C is limited to Non-Life Masters with fewer than 500 master points.

All players on the team must meet the conditions of master points. Flight eligibility will be established by the ACBL September 2017 master point cycle. This means that a player’s point holding printed in the September 2017 Bulletin will determine that player’s flight eligibility.

Club Games

District 1 encourages club level games for participation in the District final. However, club participation is not required. All participants of any club level Grand National Team Game will earn entry to the District finals. Teams/players not participating in a club level game may play in the District Finals, but they pay the higher entry fee.  Club qualifying games commence September 1, 2017 and can be played through to March 31, 2018. Any player on a team entering the District finals who did not play at a club level game will pay their portion of the higher game fee (Halifax).

2018 District 1 Finals

District finals for District 1 are held on a rotating basis each year between cities in the Eastern and Western portions of the District. For 2018, team/players have the following options:

•      Flight A; and C – Sanction: 1804601
•      Sunday, April 22, 2018
•      2 sessions: 10:30 & TBA

•      Site: Club Bridge Quιbec, 1600 boul. Saint-Martin Est, Tour B, suite 125, Laval, Qc, H7G 4R7
•      Contact Information: Bridge Quιbec (450-933-9446) and Louise Mascolo (514-993-2221)


•      Championship Flight; and Flight B – Sanction: 1805601
•      Saturday May 12, 2018

•      2 sessions: 10:30 & TBA

•      Site: MCG Bridge Studio 160-6960 Mumford Rd, Halifax N.S. B3L 4P1
•      Contact Information: Kathie Macnab – 902-443-4676,


Entry Fees:
• Montreal (Laval): $80.00/team
• Halifax: $80.00/team for players with club qualification. Players/Teams without club qualification will be charged a $100.00/team entry fee.

Pre – Registration

Pre-registration is not required for participation in this event, but appreciated to help the director plan the event.


Each team will designate the team Captain from amongst its own playing members or a non-playing team Captain on its registration entry, and said Captain will be responsible for all representation of the team.

Team Composition and Play

Teams may consist of four, five or six players. Players may be added at any time before actual competition begins. Each player must play at least 50% of the total boards played by the team. Exceptions to this rule may be made by request to the GNT Coordinator.

Appeals Committee Requirements

Each team that participates in either the Championship Flight or Flight A must designate prior to play on the entry form one (or more) of its players to serve as a committee member if necessary. Those designated players must be available after each session to serve if so requested. The Tournament Director(s) should assemble any committees from amongst these players designated. Designated players must not leave the premises without verifying with the Tournament Director that their services will not be required.


The ACBL 20-point Victory Scale shall be used. The winners from each flight will win the right to represent
District 1 at the ACBL Summer National Finals.


Unlike the NAP, the ACBL does not offer a subsidy to attend the event at the summer NABC. However, subsidies for players do include:
• District 1 has Grass Roots Funds monies for Flights B & C that will be considered for subsidy, entirely at the District 1 discretion.
• Some Units within District 1 may also be providing subsidy monies to teams/players within their jurisdiction. 
In all cases, monies will be dispersed after the team returns home from the Summer NABC.


All conventions in the General Chart are permitted in all flights. Only general chart conventions will be allowed in Flight C. Mid Chart conventions will be allowed in the other flights provided that two identical legibly written viable defense with auction extensions and continuations are provided for the opponents.  Should any questions arise regarding viability or legibility of these defenses the decision of the Tournament Director as to whether those conventions should be allowed shall be final. In addition, District 1 policy regarding permitted defenses to Notrump openings will be followed in all flights.

Substitutions, Replacements and Augmentations during the District Final

A permanent replacement for a player who, for cause, cannot continue in the event is permitted only with the permission of the Tournament Coordinator or the Director in Charge. Prior to the completion of the District final, the replacement need not have played in the event but must:

• Be a member in good standing of the ACBL, and
• Maintain their ACBL membership in District 1, and
• Not appreciably strengthen the team.

Eligible Teams for the ACBL National Finals

The winner of each flight has first option to represent District 1 at the National Finals. If the first place team does not accept the invitation, teams will be invited to represent District 1 by order of placement in District finals.  A fifth and/or sixth player may be added to a team after completion of the District Final. Any such player should have played on another team in the same flight of the current year's GNT or have previously represented District 1 in the GNT at a prior Summer Nationals. If the player has not previously played and did not participate in the club level or District final, they must request augmentation in writing to the District GNT coordinator along with appropriate fees, ($25.00, the amount per person for the District finals).  If a team has fewer than two of its original members wishing to continue on to the National finals, they must receive consent from the District Coordinator and/or the GNT liaison.  In the event that no team from any flight accepts the invitation then the invitation will be extended to teams that played at the club level of qualification.  If no one from the club level play is able to attend, then any team may request in writing their desire to represent District 1 at the ACBL National finals. This request must be accompanied with a fee equal to that of the entry fee for the District final ($100.00). These cheques, payable to District 1, will be added to the District subsidy proceeds. This selection will be at the discretion of the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will consist of the GNT Coordinator, the GNT liaison, and two members of the District 1 executive and will appoint a team to represent District 1 in the National finals.


It is the policy of the ACBL and District 1 to encourage spectators. Kibitzers will be permitted at the event but must remain at one table during a match or segment. A fifth or sixth member of a team may kibitz at a table no closer than two tables away from the tables at which his/her own team is playing. Each player has the right to bar one kibitzer without assigning cause, or an unlimited number of kibitzers for cause. Any kibitzer may be barred for cause by the ACBL Director in Charge or the Tournament Chairmen, with or without prior application from the players at the table. Kibitzers shall follow appropriate etiquette (no talking, eating, gum chewing, etc.).

Lateness and Forfeits

Any team failing to seat a complete team within ten (10) minutes of the announced or actual starting time (whichever is later) will be penalized 1 IMP per board to be played in that Swiss match or KO segment, and an additional 1 IMP for each two minutes of tardiness thereafter. If a team is not seated within thirty (30) minutes of the starting time, the Swiss or KO match will be forfeited. The match will be curtailed one (1) board, up to a maximum of four (4) boards, for each five (5) minutes of tardiness after the first ten (10) minutes.

If a Stage 1 Round Robin movement consisting of short matches is required, any team failing to seat a complete team within ten (10) minutes of the starting time for the session shall receive ZERO VPs for the matches not played plus a one (1) VP penalty for each match not played, and their opponents shall receive a VP amount for the skipped match equal to their average result in all of their other matches.

Tie Breakers

If a knockout match ends in an exact tie, subsequent segments of eight (8) boards each will be played until a winner is determined. The seating rights in each segment will be determined by a coin flip.  If two teams tie for the last qualifying position (Round Robin or Swiss movement), then the score of the head to head match will determine the winner. If the match between these two teams was tied or if these two teams did not play against each other, the team that won the most matches wins. If these two steps do not determine a winner, subsequent segments of four (4) boards each will be played until a winner is determined. The positional choices for each segment will be determined by coin.  If three or more teams are tied for the last qualifying position (Round Robin or Swiss movement), the team with the best IMP ratio from the direct competition between the tied teams shall advance. If the IMP ratio does not determine a winner, subsequent segments of four (4) boards each will be played (in a round robin format if required) until the single advancer is determined. Seating rights for each segment will be determined by a coin flip.

Disruption of Event or Refusal to Play

Any player(s) who discontinues play or significantly disrupts the normal playing schedule based upon disagreement with a ruling made by the Tournament Director, the Committee Chairmen, or an Appeals Committee will have their behaviour reviewed by a Conduct and Ethics Committee with specific reference to the applicable Code of Disciplinary Regulations sections.

Items not covered

Any items not covered by these Conditions of Contest will be resolved by the Tournament Coordinator in
consultation with the Tournament Director.


Tournament Coordinator: Kathie Macnab - 902-443-4676 -
Tournament Liaison: Louise Mascolo – 514-993-2221 -
District President: Leo Weniger –