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Unit 194 Member Achievements


Bryan Rapson


Bryan Rapson was a philanthropist and an extraordinary volunteer.  He spend many years contributing his time to the game of bridge and its players.  He served on the Unit 194 board of directors for many years.  As the tournament coordinator, he was meticulous about scheduling tournament and keeping careful records of our unit supplies.  Bryan cared for bridge and our budgets so much He would spend countless hours carefully mending card tables, refurbishing the boards all at home and all on his own time.  

As a member of this neighbourhood Bryan would employ neighbouring youths to help with yard work and tasks connected bridge.  He paid these workers minimum wage and instructed them to deposit 10% into a bank account.  Each worker had to show proof of the deposit and if they proved to be conscientious workers Bryan would continue to employ them.  Bryan took pride in his contribution to the youth around him.  

Bryan was the second Diamond Life Master in the Maritimes and he earned every points playing face to face bridge.

Bryan was extremely generous with financial support for numerous charities throughout his life, notably the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation and the QEII Foundation, in which Bryan contributed millions of dollars.  

Bryan was born in Essex, England.  Immigrated with his parents to Kelowna, B.C.  Graduated from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ont., with a degree in chemical engineering followed by a Master’s Degree in 1949.

He enjoyed working for many years for Alcan Aluminum Co.  in Arvida,Que.  During this time he helped to establish the duplicate bridge club there.  Relocating to Halifax, he worked for several years for the Nova Scotia Research Council.  Besides being a Diamond Life Master in bridge he was a member of the St.  George Society, a member of the British Commonwealth Society, and a philatelist extraordinaire.

Bryan was a true volunteer, giving of his time, money and heart.  He did all these things in his own quiet manner never looking for anything in return.